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We know from our own experience that keeping up with the needs of financial and regulatory compliance can be a major distraction to the day-to-day running of your business.  That is the exact reason why we provide a comprehensive accountancy services solution that will free your time and energy to focus on growing your business. 


Bookkeeping forms to the basic foundation of having a sound accountancy and financial standing.  As always, we tailor services to each individual needs, but typically our bookkeeping services include:

  • Inputting supplier invoices

  • Inputting customer receipts/sales

  • Preparing for supplier payments

  • Reconciling bank accounts

  • Reconciling GST accounts

Without good bookkeeping practices, you may jeopardise your business in the long-run, as you will not be able to ascertain the business' profitability and survivability during tough  times.  We highly recommend this service to a young or start-up business, as hiring a full-time or even part-time accountant is usually not cost-effective for such businesses.

Our service on the other hand can be tailored to suit any business, with any budget.  We highly endorse the Xero online accounting software (available as a paid subscription).  However, we also offer other less costly or even subscription-free accounting software as an alternatives.

Talk to us and free yourself from the daily grind of bookkeeping burden.

Financial Statement and Reporting

Our Financial Statement and Reporting package is a major step up from our typical Bookkeeping services.  We compile data of your business activities and summarise them into easy-to-digest, user friendly reports.

Typical report include:

  • Profit and loss statement

  • Balance sheet

  • Cash flow statement

  • Cash flow forecast

  • Key performance indicators report

Restaurant businesses that engage us for this package will also enjoy our time-tested, valuable in-depth insight into your restaurant operations, such as:

  • Customer segmentation/profile

  • Sales breakdowns

  • Food cost breakdowns

  • Labour cost breakdowns

  • Staff efficiency report

  • On-going 'hidden cost' reports

We pride ourselves as the food industry leader of financial reporting package provider.  Any restaurant business owner will instantly benefit from the information that can be gleaned from our specially-tailored reports.

GST Consultancy and Lodgement

We can process GST/BAS returns, be it on a quarterly or annually basis, on behalf of our clients.  We consult with our clients on the intricacies of BAS lodgement, and advise you on the most appropriate methods.

Human Resources Compliance

Our Human Resource Compliance consultancy services will ensure your business will always be compliant with the current regulations.  We stay on top of the latest changes to regulations, and advise you on matters such as:

  • The prevailing industry award applicable to your business

  • Superannuation guarantee and its associated tax and cost implications, as well as its impact on staff options

  • Leave loading, tax thresholds

  • Acceptable working hours and conditions, penalty rates

We believe in fair treatment to all business employees, and thus we strongly recommend each of our client to explore our Human Resource Compliance package.

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