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We provide consultancy services to anyone who wish to set up a food-related factory.  We have managed to obtain the necessary licenses and accreditation on our own, which give us the unique advantage of possessing in-house knowledge of how to set up a proper food factory.

Obtaining the necessary licenses and certifications, and creating the perfect factory layout can be a daunting experience; allow us to help you get through these difficult hurdles, and more.

Factory Set-Up

We can help you set up a food factory from scratch! We have the necessary experience and knowledge in this area. We cover projects such as factory layout, builder selection, fridge/freezer construction, and equipment selection.

We can also assist you in site selection/suitability analysis, and connect you with the right wholesalers who can help you move your products once your factory is up and operational.

Licensing and Certification

Are you aware that wholesaling certain products require specific licenses and/or certificates? We can assess your product line-up, determine which licenses/certificates are applicable, and assist you in obtaining those licenses/certificates.

Our Licensing and Certification Consultancy Package has been drawn up from our past dealings with the local regulatory bodies. This enables us to put together a comprehensive package/tutorial that has been proven to work!

Other external consultants typically focus only on certain aspects of the licensing, such as the "Food Safety Manual" only. We on the other hand will guide you from the application state, all the way to the final regulatory inspection.

Wholesale Recipe Creation

Just like a recipe for a restaurant dish, we can also create any recipe for a wholesale product. When creating a wholesale recipe, we place greater focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We will guide on the best packaging and storing methods, plus advise you on regulatory-compliant labeling options.

HACCP Consultancy

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a vital component to any food factory. An establishment with HACCP credentials immediately boost the confidence of its clients.

We provide extensive HACCP consultancy and training in order to make your establishment HACCP certified. Beyond the initial consultation, we continue to provide monitoring programs and systems to ensure the HACCP practices can be easily adhered to and continually applied.

Get in touch with us to achieve your certification goals!

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