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Do you aspire to embark on a restaurant business venture?  We provide consultancy services that cover all aspects of setting up, running, and fine-tuning restaurant operations.

We cater our solutions to each client.  No job is too menial - such as creating a customized recipe for a dish, and no job is too big - we provide turn-key solution that covers everything that is required in setting up any food business.

Contact us to find out how we can help realise your dream.

Company Set-Up

Do you have a food-related business idea but don't know where to start? Let us help you jump start your career.

Our licensed affiliates can create a 'proprietary limited' company (Pty Ltd), and take care of the associated necessities such as share certificates, company resolutions, Articles of Association, ABN registration, business name registration; basically everything you need to start a company.

Restaurant Set-Up

Once you've got the Company Set-up phase out of the way, the real fun can begin...

... or it can be an absolute nightmare.  We highly recommend our Restaurant Set-Up services to any aspiring business people who have the passion and food knowledge, but with no prior experience in restaurant fitout.

Setting up a restaurant can be very daunting task, because of the breadth of responsibilities suddenly thrust onto your shoulders, coupled with the intricacies of the local regulations, and the often sensitive timing of that very first rent payment day.

We have the knowledge, contacts, and prior experience of setting up small, medium and large restaurants.  Talk to us on how you can benefit by letting us assist you in the Restaurant Set-Up stage.

Recipe Creation

We provide recipe creation services. Our recipes can be an entirely new dish, or an improvement towards an existing dish.

We will not only provide you with the recipe's ingredients list and creation methods, we will also advise you on its profitability (food cost), presentation techniques, plate suggestions, and pricing suggestions.

With a library of over 300 Japanese recipes alone, we are confident we can cater to your recipe needs.

Menu Creation

Should your recipe needs run into high numbers, why not consider letting us create an entire menu for you?  We can provide you with a turn-key Grand Menu, complete with categories customised to your needs (Appetiser, Mains, Dessert etc.).

We can even include the design, photo-taking (more on that below), and all the way to the actual production of the physical menus, delivered straight to your restaurant. No hassle, no headache on your part.

We can also consult you on other types of menus, such as Seasonal Menu, "Themed" Menu (a "Bluefin Tuna Menu" for example), Takeaway Menu, Sushi Platter Menu... In short, any type of menu.


Do you require photography needs? We have the right equipment and expertise to meet the typical restaurant's photography needs.

What distinguishes us from the rest is that we have decades of restaurant industry background; we know "what works and what doesn't" in terms of food or restaurant photography.

In addition, we have a laser-focus on individualised customer requirements.  No job is too small, contact us for any food- or restaurant-related photography project.

Operations Consulting

Are you struggling with the headaches of restaurant operations? Perhaps the solution lies in setting up the correct operational procedures.

Let us assess your current restaurant operations and fine tune them to perfection.  We can help you in all areas of restaurant operations, such as rostering, pre-opening preparations, cleaning up, having the right kitchen workflow, bar set up and maintenance... the list goes on and on.

By having the correct operational procedures, you will save on labour costs, reduce wastage and breakages, possibly improve the food quality (from improved cooking methods), and enhance the general safety of your working staff.

Initial training and manuals will be provided, such that the new operational procedures can be maintained long after our initial consultation.

Staff Training

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to state that the skill level of your staff plays a large role in running a successful restaurant.  We provide training services for both service and kitchen sections.

We will tailor our training program to your specific needs, and in compliance with the requirements set out in the Food Safety Supervisor and Responsible Service of Alcohol programs.

If your premises are not equipped with a working kitchen (for example, you are in the middle of a restaurant fitout), we can accommodate our training services in one of our restaurants.

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