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Soft Boiled Egg is the essential ingredient to any Japanese ramen.

While the typical home cook may find it straightforward to prepare one or two pieces, it is rather challenging to produce 200 or 300 pieces with consistent restaurant-standard quality.

Producing such large quantities involve a unique cooking technique that ensures even temperature across all the eggs, and very specific timings for the cooling and peeling procedures.  Failure to adhere to any of these techniques will result in unevenness in the egg white, which will break apart easily, or worse: a "soft boiled egg" that resembles more like hard boiled egg.

Our company has been commercially selling Soft Boiled Eggs in the Sydney area since 2015.  In fact, we are the sole exclusive supplier to the largest, most well-known ramen chain restaurant in Sydney.

We hold an Egg Processing License from the NSW Food Authority, which will give you the peace of mind that our products are always subjected to the most stringent quality control standards.

**Right now, we have begun direct delivery of our Soft Boiled Eggs to restaurants in the greater Sydney area**

Please contact us to find out more.  We can custom-make our eggs to suit your needs (size, seasoning, level of done-ness etc.).  Free samples will be delivered.

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